Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Choosing Your Photographer

Would you go to a hairstylist who specializes in funky fresh colours, modern trends and edgy cuts if you wanted a classic romantic look for your wedding day? Probably not. This is the same kind of attitude it's important to bring to choosing a photographer.

Everybody has their own style; from the 7 year old taking Instax snapshots to the tenured Photography professor. Our visions are all different because we see the world differently, and that's what makes each artist unique. I say artist because at the end of the day, we're in the business of creating smiles, capturing memories and producing gorgeous images.

So here are the things to consider when browsing through the never-ending stream of portfolios you're sure to find on the vast interweb, and a sneak peek at the differences in our staff photographers available through Banff Photography.

Consider the style you want your most memorable moments to be captured in; 
Are you traditional or contemporary?
Do you prefer candid smiles or classic poses?
Is colour very important or do you prefer black and white?
Do you like high contrast or muted tones?

Every photographer not only has a certain way of shooting, but also a signature way of editing. It's important to consider what you want the final results to be! The biggest part is really deciding if you want a formal (classic style) or informal (lifestyle) photoshoot.

Look at the people in the photos and their expressions. Chances are if the portfolio you're looking at only has landscapes, plants and architecture, you won't get the same kind of interaction you would with a portrait-specific photographer. With a professional portrait photographer, you're going to see a lot more natural smiles because that's what they specialize in! 

It's also important, especially for weddings, to note how many different examples the photographer has of their work. Consider this, a photographer only posts the best of their best on their portfolio, as this is what draws in clients. All of the images might not be "wow" worthy, but it should be a good balance. 

Over the course of the last year we've had a few of different types of photographers, and in the coming months we'll have a few more on board who will bring their own styles to the Banff Photography table. 

Whether you're looking for photo-journalistic, romantic, candid, classic or dynamic portraits -- you can be sure that our in-house photographers will always go above and beyond to create stunning images that capture your most important memories in the Bow Valley.

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